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We are OPEN!

We are OPEN!

 After a long 4 months of closure, Westbourne Academy is back and OPEN for business! Although we may be some way away from ‘normality’, for now, we are making the most of our new ‘normal’. We have welcomed students back through our doors from across the world and we couldn’t be happier to see our school filling up with students again.  Westbourne Academy has used this time to make some great upgrades across the school;

  • New Cafeteria. Taflan joined the WA in July and is serving staff and students with delicious freshly cooked hot meals daily.
  • New Computer Room. We have transformed one of our classrooms into a fully equipped Computer Room, complete with Interactive Touchscreen Whiteboard.
  • Upgraded Fire Doors. Every classroom across the school has been upgraded with new up-to-date fire safety doors, complete with a glass window for improved safeguarding patrols.
  •  New Classroom Chairs. To improve social distancing across the school, including whilst in the classrooms, we have upgraded to writing tablet chairs. This means no more sharing tables and workspace.
  • Online Lessons. #Lockdown also enabled us to set up online lessons. This now means that any student traveling to the UK who must complete the 14-day quarantine rule, will now be able to join classes online as soon as they arrive. No missing out!


Improve your English at Westbourne Academy!

We are pleased to announce that Westbourne Academy has reopened. We are accepting online applications.