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Westbourne Academy Accommodation

Accommodation is an important part of the experience and involves living as a member of the home. Students are treated as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. It gives them the opportunity to practice their English and benefit from an English home atmosphere.

Some students prefer ‘Private Home Accommodation’. There may be less of a family environment as there can be more than 4 students in the home. Students will still experience eating together with the hosts and sharing the common living areas.

Living with local people is the best way to get extra language practice and it also helps you to understand British culture and customs. The safety and security of all our students is a priority. In the case of problems, there are several full-time welfare officers available to give advice and help. The school also operates a 24-hour emergency telephone service for students.

Additional Information:

  • All homestays/Private Home Accommodation are carefully selected by the Academy’s accommodation department
  • All homestays/Private Home Accommodation are regularly inspected by our Head of Accommodation
  • Only nationals of an EU country will have access to free medical treatment. We recommend all of our students to make sure they have medical insurance before they depart for the UK. We recommend all students register with their homestay providers doctor. For more information on medical care for students please click here
  • Students aged 16 and 17 years old must be home by 10.30PM Monday – Thursday and 11.30PM on Friday and Saturday (as of 01.01.2018).
  • Students ages 14-15 years old must be home by 9.30PM every day (as of 01.01.2019)

All Westbourne Academy Accommodation Includes:

  • Free WIFI
  • Breakfast and Dinner every day (Lunch is available in the school cafeteria during the week at an additional cost)
  • Lunch at weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • One laundry wash a week (and weekly cleaned bed linen)
  • Opportunities to practice your English
  • Learn about the British Culture
  • 24-hour emergency telephone service
  • Support from our Head of Accommodation / Welfare Officer
  • A place to study in your bedroom
  • Bedroom cleaned weekly
  • Front door key provided
  • Special diets can be arranged

Homestay Accommodation Fees

Accommodation 2020Ages 16+Ages 14-15 (Twin room only)
04/01/2020 to 20/06/2020 and 29/08/2020 to 19/12/2020£131 per week, single room£141.00 per week, twin room only
20/06/2020 to 29/09/2020£161 per week, single room£161.00 per week, twin room only
£141 per week, twin room
19/12/2020 to 02/01/2021£151 per week, single roomN/A

Accommodation 2021

Ages 16+Ages 14-15 (Twin room only)

02/01/2021 to 19/06/2021 and 28/08/2021 to 18/12/2021

£136 per week, single room

£146.00 per week, twin room only

19/06/2021 to 28/09/2021

£166 per week, single room

£166.00 per week, twin room only

£146 per week, twin room

18/12/2021 to 01/01/2022

£156 per week, single room


Becoming a Homestay Provider

Please contact us on one of the following;

One of our accommodation officers will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.


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