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Improve your understanding of British culture, compare it to your own and other cultures from around the world. You can do all of these things at our international language school in Bournemouth.
Westbourne Academy Bournemouth is an English language school situated in a beautiful location on the south coast of England and is accredited by the British Council.
Westbourne Academy language school is part of New City College, a government funded college in London which is now London’s second largest college with over 20,000 students studying a wide range of courses. Westbourne Academy became part of New City College in September 2016 which means that Westbourne Academy students can benefit from studying at a Further Education college as well.
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Based on my own experience, travelling abroad to another country to live and learn another language, is by far one of the best investments I have ever made for myself! I am happy to have chosen Westbourne Academy for developing my English communicative skills. I truly enjoyed every second of my lessons, as well as my teachers who were always with their best attitude and humour towards our learning. During the course, my classmates and I explored the city through amazing trips and activities that were held by the school every weekend, which are memories that I will always remember!

After 6 months, I can tell you that my English skills have improved dramatically!

One of the best things about this school, is all the international people you get to meet from all around the world. Honestly, the friendships I have made were unforgettable and beyond of what I was expecting. It’s amazing that while I was learning another language, I also improved my cultural knowledge about different countries. Furthermore, I would highly recommend you to study at Westbourne Academy, I am certain, that it will be one of the greatest investments in your life.

Barbara Garcia
Barbara García

I’m Huju Lee from South Korea. I’ve been taking a General English Course in Westbourne Academy for 5 months. Actually I hadn’t learnt English before I came to England. To be honest, I could say just a few words at first and I was worried about learning English. But the teachers in Westbourne Academy are experts in teaching English so I could get used to talking in English easily.

Now I can talk with my friends from many countries well. In addition, we travel sometimes in the UK to make nice experiences. Anyway the time I’ve spent in Bournemouth was absolutely amazing and I’ll never forget the memories when I hung out with my friends and learnt English.

Huju Lee
Huju Lee
South Korea
I went to Westbourne Academy in 2017. It was my first time abroad. Later on I’ve been back to the UK and Canada for English Course however Westbourne Academy is so special for me. It was the best days of my life. I’m still talking with my host family who’s my second family. They will come to Turkey and I will visit them in Germany (they moved to Germany). I hope I am able to come to Westbourne Academy and Bournemouth. With love to my School and dream city.

Ali Mert Aytekin

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31 Alumhurst Road, Westbourne, Dorset, BH4 8EN, UK.


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