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Meet The Staff: Daniele

I’m a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from Italy. I joined WA’s team in October 2022 as a Marketing Intern. My responsibilities include managing the school’s Social Media by creating posts, videos, and photos, as well as promoting the school’s activities.

In addition to my role in marketing, I oversee all visual materials for the school, including presentations, flyers, brochures, newsletters, and posters. I also conduct art lessons for students.

As of December 2022, the school boasts a diverse community with representatives from 22 nationalities.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I enjoy engaging in various hobbies and making new experiences. My main interests span animals, nature, woodworking, street art, photography, and music creation, particularly playing the guitar. When it comes to sports, I’m passionate about skateboarding, baseball, rock climbing, boxing, and ultimate frisbee.

Meet The Staff: Daniele

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