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Love sandy beaches? Then you’ll love Westbourne Academy Bournemouth’s beautiful seaside location, near the picturesque shopping centre of Westbourne. In this safe and friendly part of Bournemouth, you will find banks, a post office, traditional English pubs, international restaurants, and great shopping facilities. The beach is 10 minutes’ walk and Bournemouth town centre is 5 minutes away by bus. The historic town of Poole is only 20 minutes away by bus. Bournemouth and Poole are international holiday resorts where you can find many exciting attractions. Bournemouth is also a lively university town with over 30,000 students. It is the most popular place to study English in the UK, after London, and also home to many bars and clubs if you like to party!

Local Information

Relaxed, friendly and close to the beach, Westbourne is an excellent location for students. Here are some useful links and local information to help you enjoy your time with us.


Bournemouth Tourism
Information on Bournemouth and the surrounding area, events, attractions and more.

Poole Tourism
Local and events information for Poole.

Ariel Taxis
A Local Taxi Company
Tel: 01202 747333

Yellow Buses
Information on local buses. Bus passes can be purchased at the school.

Wilts & Dorset Bus Company
Information on local buses. Bus passes can be purchased at the school.

National Express
Coach company with services across the UK, including all major airports.

National Rail
Information and booking service for UK trains.






Bournemouth and Poole Beaches
Our beaches, including Alum Chine beach (the closest to our school), have won awards for water quality, environmental management and safety.

Bournemouth BIC and Pavilion Theatres
Situated in the heart of Bournemouth, these venues host concerts, comedy shows, musicals etc.

Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum
A beautiful Victorian house with a private art collection and museum.

Boat Trips
Poole’s spectacular natural harbour, Brownsea Island and the famous Jurassic coastline from the comfort of a chartered cruise.

The Lighthouse Theatre, Poole
The largest multi-space venue in the UK outside London with a very wide variety of events and performances.

Discover life beneath the waves at the Oceanarium on Bournemouth Seafront.

Discover Dorset Tours
Join Discover Dorset Tours to explore the England! You can book local trips such as Jurassic Coat and Stonehenge.



Fireworks events take place throughout the summer on Poole Quay and Bournemouth Seafront.

Tower Park
Large leisure complex with cinemas, a water park, bowling, bingo and many restaurants.

Poole Speedway
Watch our local team, the Poole Pirates, at the Speedway track in central Poole.

Compton Acres
One of the most important ornamental gardens in England.

BH2 Leisure
Bh2 has 13 world-class restaurants, a state-of-the-art 10 screen multiplex cinema and 175 car parking spaces. Make it your destination for leisure!

Brownsea Island
Hop aboard a Brownsea bird boat and tour the harbour followed by a special landing on Brownsea and witness one of the greatest bird spectacles in the UK.


We understand that it can take time to get used to a new country. Here is some useful information on life in the UK:

Banks open at 9.30 am and close at 4.30 pm. All the major banks can be found in Westbourne. If you wish to open a bank account, please speak to a member of staff at Reception.

Being Polite
“Please” and “thank you” are very important in the UK. Be sure to use them, even when getting off the bus!

There is a bookshop in Westbourne, on Poole Road, where you can buy English dictionaries.

Bureau Du Change
Money can be changed in most banks and the post office.

There is a doctor’s surgery in Westbourne or you can ask your homestay provider for the name of their doctor’s (or GP). Click this link for more information on medical care available for students. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/getting-medical-care-as-a-student

Food and Drink
British food and drink may be very different to the food and drink from your country, but it’s probably better than you think! Try everything and have an open mind!

Buses run regularly from Westbourne to Parkstone, Poole and Bournemouth. If you wish to take the bus to school, please ask for County Gates bus stop. Current prices are available and bus passes can be bought from the reception in Westbourne Academy.

Unlimited Travel Bus Passes (MoreBuses):

Zone A 7 day – £14.50                   Zone A&B 7 day – £16.50

Zone A 14 day – £27.50                 Zone A&B 14 day – £32.00

Zone A 21 day – £38.00                Zone A&B 21 day – £44.00

Zone A 28 day – £48.50               Zone A&B 28 day – £56.50

Pubs are generally open from 11.00 – 24.00. Please remember that you must be 18 or over to buy or drink alcohol and to buy cigarettes.

In the UK it’s very important to be on time. Remember to leave lots of extra time when taking buses in case of traffic, and don’t be late for your classes!




Most shops are open from 9.00 – 17.30, Monday to Saturday. Post Office: The main post office is in Westbourne and is open from 9.00 – 17.00 on Monday to Friday and 9.00 – 12.00 on Saturday.

Telephones and Internet
We recommend buying a SIM card for your mobile phone during your stay in England. The school can assist with where you can go to buy one. The school and all homestay providers also have free Wifi.

The weather in the UK is very changeable. It’s also not very warm. It’s a good idea to bring an umbrella, warm clothes and a raincoat!

Please be very careful when crossing the road: don’t forget that in England we drive on the left so look right first!


Bournemouth Events

Bournemouth has more than 500 events taking place across the resort every year. For more information, please refer to the Bournemouth Tourism Events page: https://www.bournemouth.co.uk/whats-on/events






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